H. van Wijnen - Since 1864

Unsurpassed product expertise

True to our slogan Taste & Tradition, we have passed down century old family recipes combining these with the most modern-day techniques money can buy.

The combination of traditional recipes together with techniques & machines specifically developed by our skilled employees in close co-operation with renowned suppliers of machines & packaging material combine to insure the unique quality and scrumptious taste loved throughout Europe and the world.

Because we have been around for quite a long time, we have seen, heard and experienced almost every demand and requirement. As the old Dutch adagio goes “standing still is the same as going backwards“, our Research & Development and Purchasing Departments are continuously looking for new mouthwatering options and solutions be this tempting tasty salmon tapas or the use of FSC carton (wood from sustainably managed forestry) for our outer boxes for a lower environmental imprint.

Perfection is unobtainable, but that will not stop us doing our best to get there. From classic cold smoked salmon to specific tailor made solutions please contact our sales department who will gladly discuss all our options with you.

Email: sales@hvanwijnen.nl Phone: +31 (0)180 51 26 55