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Salmon Carpaccio

Delicately smoked easy to used Salmon Carpaccio, a wonderfully balanced taste with a delicate bite, just take it out of the pack turn it on the plate, make a light salad and place it in the middle of the Carpaccio, sprinkle a bit of good qualityvirgin olive oil,grind a bit of fresh pepper & a few roasted pine seeds and a bit of sea salt & you are good to go….. Is your mouth watering yet?

Originally developed for airline, institutional catering & party catering, this product has been fully embraced by restaurants & supermarkets throughout Europe as an easy to use & easy to buy product.

A high quality delicately smoked Norwegian salmon , portioned to exact sizes & weights, ideal as an incredible starter or a light lunch. And because we slightly smoke it…. You can keep it up to 19 days at 0 to 4 ºC.

This product is produced from the finest farmed superior Norwegian salmon, with a sharp eye on environmental issues (sustainability) total traceability, the highest quality standards. We have it in retail, Wholesale and catering packs.

Buon appetito!

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