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Portion Controlled smoked salmon

The perfect portion as we call it is specifically made so that every slice is identical in size, weight and wonderful taste so now you can calculate exactly how many slices you need and buy on demand. Originally developed together with TNO (the Dutch Research institute) to resolve the problems in the kitchens of international catering, this product is now used by Airline Catering, Sandwich & bagel producers, wholesale and retail on 3 continents.

Ideally portioned in the sizes 8x12cm, 9x9cm, 10x10cm or round diameter 10cm (for the bagel) in weights that vary from 20g to 45g per slice. Product is packed in MAP or vacuüm Verpakkingen from individual slice to 1000g pack. Oh and if you prefer to slice it yourself we can also deliver a scrumptious block of smoked salmon.