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Gravad Laks (Marinated Salmon)

Laks means Salmon & the word Gravad originally meant buried, and this was also the way the original Graved Laks was prepared in Scandinavia. (The fresh salmon were embedded in furrows filled with herbs and covered with soil, a process that improved both the shelf life & created a special taste.)

This Salmon delicacy today is marinated in a mixture of dill, pepper, salt & sugar. (According to traditional Scandinavian recipe with a slight H. van Wijnen twist) and then laid to rest & ripen for at least 24 hours at a temperature that doesn’t exceed the 3 ºC. A culinary treat that is often eaten with a honey mustard dip.

Available in retail packs from 50g to 500g sliced and in wholesale from 500g sliced to 1,5kg pre-sliced sides ( products can be packed in vacuüm or MAP, all our products can be bought with a chilled or frozen shelf-life.