H. van Wijnen - Since 1864

Full traceability

We at H. van Wijnen have developed a system that guarantees full traceability of each individual tasty product we make and deliver to you.

All our farmed smoked salmon can be traced back to the egg from which came. We can check each step of the growth through our dedicated and strictly audited suppliers. We are ASC certified.

The same goes for our wild MSC salmon that is caught under the strict MSC supervision and guide lines for sustainable and well managed fisheries. It speaks for itself that we are also fully MSC certified.

Once the products reach our plant they are checked by qualified employees to insure that every product is according to our stringent specifications, they are then rechecked and given a trace code. This trace code will follow the products through every aspect of production.

Finally as our mouthwatering fish is labeled for their final destination they are given a unique lot-code through which we can trace the product all the way back to the egg if this need be.

The same applies to all our other ingredients & packaging material each bag of sea salt or woodchips, each gold plate, vacuum pouch or outer carton box is fully controlled on arrival and once deemed in accordant to the specification receives a trace code linking it to the products they will enhance.

We perform regular mock recalls to test our systems based on the IFS (International Food Standard) Higher level system …… and we can assure you …… they work.